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Annie Lush - Sailing

Annie Lush - Sailing

Born April 11, 1980 in Poole, Dorset, England, Annie Lush is considered to be the world’s number-one women’s Match Racer – along with her teammates. Annie, like many of today’s most gifted sailors, has been in the water for the majority of her life. Only 31 years of age, Lush has more time on a boat than many legitimate captains twice her age.

Annie has a lot to prove as she entered the 2012 Olympic Games in London this summer. Having missed out on 2008’s Games in Beijing, when Sarah Ayton and her team were chosen over Annie’s to represent Great Britain, Lush and the Macgregors are now looking to claim gold in the 6m Women’s Match Race event.

Sporting Career

Annie Lush was practically raised on the water. She was heavily inspired by her father, an avid sailor, and by the time she was seven years old, Annie was already starting to compete in youth events. Lush would race many events as a youth, including her most memorable race, an off-shore trip around Ireland that proved to be very challenging for the young Lush.

With more than a few youth accomplishments under her belt, Lush seemingly put sailing on the back burner to attend university. Although she was there to receive an education, the rowing team beckoned her, and her natural inclination for boating took over in a big way. While at Cambridge University, Annie received a Blue when she won the 2001 Woman’s Boat Race. Ever since then, she has devoted her time to sailing as a professional, often competing on the Match Racing and Olympic circuits.

In 2005, Annie teamed up with Shirley Robertson in an attempt to quality for the three-woman Yngling Class at the Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately for Lush, Great Britain’s talent pool was simply too deep. There was an entire class of women sailors above Annie in tenure—if not skill—and this sent Lush back to the drawing board in a sense, looking for a new team and looking to make her mark in any competition out there.

After the sting of being passed over for the Beijing Olympics subsided, Annie looked to form a much stronger, younger, more determined team. She joined forces with the Macgregor sisters, Lucy and Kate, and their success was practically immediate. As the Summer Games approach in London, Annie is more than ready to represent Great Britain and bring home the gold.

According to Lush, she would like to sail indefinitely, even after the thrill of Olympic competition has passed. A three-time Rolex International Women’s Keelboat and two-time ISAF Women’s World Match Race Champion winner, Lush certainly has what it takes to stay on the water as long as she desires.

Career Highlights

  • 2011 Semaaine Francaise – Gold
  • 2011 Skandia Sail for Gold – Silver
  • 2011 ISAF Worlds – Silver

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