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David Weir - Paralympian

David Weir - Paralympian

Born June 5, 1979 in London, England, David Weir is one of the world’s premier Paralympians, excelling in wheelchair events. This British athlete is the definition of elite. His six medals in the Paralympics put him in a class all his own, and Weir has also won five different marathons. At only 32 years of age, this summer’s Paralympic Games in London will be the fourth time Weir has represented Team Great Britain.

The competition isn’t even close when speaking about Weir’s accomplishments. David owns every single British racing record at every distance up to 5,000m. He even owns records for 10km, half marathons, and full marathons. Going into 2012, David is the odds-on favorite to win gold in the 800m and 1,500m events.

Sporting Career

Had David Weir amassed such a huge collection of trophies and medals in regular sporting events, he would undoubtedly be known as one of the best competitors in the world. But since he competes in wheelchair events, the market sadly isn’t as large. Nonetheless, Weir is a modest, content man who loves competing – and he just so happens to be fantastic at it. He is a Paralympic and World champion; he is a perennial marathon winner; and he is just entering the prime of his career.

Going through David’s entire career would take an entire novel. Suffice it to say that Weir burst onto the scene in a big way in 2004. During the Summer Paralympic Games in Athens, David won a bronze medal in the 200m T54, and then a silver medal in the 100m race. Of course, anything less than gold is always considered second fiddle, but Weir was just getting started. The next few years would see him catapult past the competition to win a slew of events.

At the 2006 IPC Athletics World Championships in Assen, Weir practically owned the entire competition. On top of a silver medal he won, David took home an astounding three gold medals to lead the pack. In between winning medals, Weir also won a host of marathons. In April of 2008, David won the London Marathon – his third time winning in a row and his fourth time in total. (A flat tire in 2010 cost him the win.)

When the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games arrived in Beijing, David was the favorite in every event he entered. He did not disappoint at all. All in all, Weir ended up winning four medals at the Paralympics – two gold medals, silver, and a bronze. Weir hasn’t slowed down since the 2008 Games. He continues to set records and win marathons while in preparation for 2012.

Career Highlights

  • 2004 Paralympic Games, Athens – Silver, Bronze
  • 2006 IPC Athletics World Championships – Gold (3), Silver
  • 2008 Paralympic Games, Beijing – Gold (2), Silver, Bronze
  • 2011 IPC Athletics World Championships – Gold (3)
  • 2012 Paralympic Games – Gold (4)

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