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Kate Macgregor - Sailing

Kate Macgregor - Sailing

Born in Poole, Dorset, England in 1991, Kate Macgregor is a first-time Olympian who has a lifetime’s worth of sailing experience. She will be one of the youngest sailors in professional competition this year. Growing up around sisters who were already sailors, “Mini Mac,” as Kate is known, gained plenty of experience as a child. Lucy, Kate’s older sister and Match Race teammate, helped to guide and train Mini Mac through her formative years.

The end result has yet to be seen as to how the trio of girls will compete in the first year of Olympic Women’s Match Racing, but having already earned a wide range of youth achievements, Kate’s talents are more than enough to match well with those of her sister Lucy Macgregor and fellow teammate Annie Lush. 

Sporting Career

Barely 20, Kate Macgregor’s career is just beginning. She is barely out of youth racing, so the career sheet on Mini Mac is rather short. That’s not to say that her few notable races haven’t been impressive, however. In fact, if Kate wasn’t an accomplished sailor, it wouldn’t matter who her sister was. There is no way she would be representing her country in the Olympics. You must be amongst the best athletes in the world to do so.

Although Kate was a skilled sailor and grew up constantly around the water, she wasn’t exactly pushing the pursuit of racing as a career choice. In 2010, Macgregor was all set to start her second year at Southampton Solent University, aiming for a degree in Business, while assisting her sister and Annie Lush as a training partner in her downtime. All that would change, however, when Kate partnered up with her sister full time in 2011. In 2010, the team managed to secure gold at the ISAF Women’s World Match Racing competition, and it was this victory that inspired the confidence in Kate that sailing was the right choice for her.

Now that Kate is a full-time member of the 2012 campaign for the Women’s Match Race, she has dedicated her time and talents fully to sailing. Having won multiple titles as a youth sailor, including Gold at the 2007 Olympic Youth Festival, Macgregor is far from inexperienced. According to Kate on her switch from college to sailing, “It’s a big change, but I couldn’t say no.”

Having a short career means fewer disappointments than most sailors in the Olympics this year, but Kate does recall a time when she was drug across the water after the jib sheet became entangled around her ankle. Those types of rookie mistakes are long gone, though, and Kate, Lucy and Annie are determined to win Olympic Gold in the Women’s Match Race event this summer in London.

Career Highlights

  • 2007 Youth Olympic Games – Gold
  • 2009 Korea Match Cup – Gold
  • 2010 Match Racing World Championships – Gold
  • 2010 Carlos Agulira Match Cup – 2nd place
  • 2011 Hyres Regatta – Gold
  • 2011 Skandia Sail for Gold – Silver
  • 2012 World Cup – 1st

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