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Lucy Macgregor - Sailing

Lucy Macgregor - Sailing

Born November 28, 1986 in Poole, Dorset, England, Lucy Macgregor is a member of the recently formed Great Britain Women’s Match Racing Elliott 6m Olympic team and older sister of fellow Olympian Kate Macgregor. Lucy began sailing with her parents at only a few weeks old, and has since become one of the best sailors in the world, man or woman.

Being a younger Olympian for Great Britain carries a lot of pressure. Many of GB’s sailors are very tenured in the profession, having sailed in competitions on a professional level for over a decade. Lucy, on the other hand, enters the Olympics with only a few years of actual competitive experience under her belt. However, she has proven to everyone that she and her teammates have what it takes to compete on the highest of levels.

Sporting Career

To ask Lucy Macgregor how it all began, she will gladly tell her stories of how her parents took her out on their cruiser while she was barely out of the hospital’s nursery. Growing up on the water, Lucy already knew her way around a boat before younger sis Kate “Mini Mac” Macgregor was even born.

By the time Lucy was six years old, she was sailing an Optimist around Poole Harbour by herself. In terms of talent, Lucy is second to none in the Women’s Match Race event in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London; and in terms of competitiveness and drive, Macgregor is in a class all her own. After failing to earn selection to represent Great Britain for the 2008 Games in Beijing, Lucy reevaluated her position, formed a new team with the inclusion of her little sister, and set out on a mission to make 2012 the year of the Olympic rookies. And while that mission is yet unfulfilled, Lucy and her Match Racing team are among the favorites in this year’s Games.

2007 and 2008 were hard yards for Lucy. She and her team missed out on a gold medal at the World Championships in ’07, and the stellar team of Pippa Wilson, Sarah Webb and Sarah Ayton were chosen above Macgregor’s team to compete for Olympic glory.

With Annie Lush and sister Kate, Lucy completes the trifecta and forms a third of one of the most promising teams to come out of GB in years in terms of sailing. And for the 6m Woman’s Match Race, with 2012 being the first year of this event, this trio of young, talented ladies may just put match racing on the map.
Regardless of this year’s outcome, Lucy has stated that she is certain she will return in 2016 t race. Of course, returning to defend an Olympic Gold medal would be a lot sweeter for her and her team.

Career Highlights

  • 2011 Semaine Francaise – Gold
  • 2011 Skandia Sail for Gold – Silver
  • ISAF Worlds – Silver

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