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Nick Dempsey - Windsurfing

Nick Dempsey - Windsurfing

Born August 13, 1980 in Norwich, England, Nick Dempsey is a highly accomplished windsurfer whose talents have landed him a spot in the 2012 Olympic Games in London on the British RS:X Men’s Windsurfing team. Since becoming a professional windsurfer over a decade ago, Dempsey has amassed an impressive collection of medals and trophies.

In his personal life, Nick stays as close to sailing as he can. He married fellow Briton Olympian and Gold Medal winner Sarah Ayton (now Sarah Dempsey) in 2008, and the couple’s son, Thomas-Flynn, will most likely be an avid sailor when he grows up. It’s just the attraction the couple has to the water; and in terms of competitiveness, one would be hard pressed to find the type of enthusiasm that Dempsey brings to each and every competition.

Sporting Career

Already a skilled windsurfer by the time he was a teenager, Dempsey decided to make the big leap when he was 18, joining the 1998 Mistral Youth World Championships. A highly competitive field, Nick managed to win a bronze medal in this series of events. And that was the official start of a very successful career. That same year, Nick secured his first win at the North Sea Cup Series in Pevensey Bay, before taking 3rd place in the Kieler Woche.

The fame and notoriety Nick had accomplished made him a natural selection for the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. And while he was among his nation’s best athletes that year, Dempsey had a very disappointing 16th place finish when it was all said and done. This did not deter Nick, however; he always remained competitive, entering competitions in 2001 and winning or placing in the lot.

In the 2004 Olympics, Nick was sure that this year would bring gold. But even after so much practice, Dempsey still fell short of his goal and ended up taking home a Bronze medal. It wasn’t until Nick made the switch to the RS:X Class that he would begin to experience his highest level of success. Once racing RS:X, Nick started to wipe the floor with opponents. He jumped to number one in the world rankings, won the 2006 RS:X European Championships, but, once again, missed out on gold at the 2008 Olympics, finishing in a disappointing 4th.

With so much success after switching to RS:X, Nick thought for sure that 2008 was his year. He has won plenty of gold medals, but Olympic Gold has eluded Dempsey to date. The way 2008 played out, with the lead switching so often, Nick’s failure to finish on the podium altogether was a pure heartbreaking experience. This has hardened his edges significantly as he pushes toward 2012, more determined than ever to bring home the only gold that matters – Olympic Gold.

Career Highlights

  • 1998 Mistral World Youth Championship – Bronze
  • 2000 Penta Mistral Cup – Silver
  • 2000 North Sea Cup – Gold
  • 2001 Athens Eurolymp Week – Gold
  • 2001 XXXII Princess Sofia Trophy – Gold
  • 2001 Kieler Woche – Gold
  • 2002 Sail Melbourne – Silver
  • 2002 Sail Auckland – Gold
  • 2003 XXXIV Princess Sofia Trophy – Gold
  • 2004 Summer Olympics – Bronze
  • 2006 Rolex Miami OCR – Gold
  • 2006 Holland Regatta – Gold
  • 2006 RS:X European Championships – Gold
  • 2012 Summer Olympics – Silver

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