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Stefanie Reid - Paralympian

Stefanie Reid - Paralympian

Born on October 26, 1984 in New Zealand, Stefanie Reid is a talented Paralympian who competes in track and field events for Britain. Single handedly beating down many stereotypes surrounding Paralympians, Stefanie is strong, talented, and is able to consistently compete with the best in her class. Reid is currently in training to compete in the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London.

Although Reid was born in New Zealand, she spent a lot of her childhood in Toronto, Canada. When she was 15, Reid was involved in a horrible boating accident. She lost her right foot, but had the surgeon not performed masterfully to stop the bleeding, Stefanie would have lost her life. Her mere presence—and every Paralympian alongside her—stands as a testament to human will, and many predict that 2012 might be a strong year for Reid in her respective events.

Sporting Career

Before Reid’s boating accident that resulted in an amputation of her right foot, she was an avid sports player. Reid enjoyed playing rugby and did try to return to the game once she was settled with the new prosthetic, but the referees in the league felt that the prosthesis may injure another player. Forced to leave the game she loved, Stefanie turned to her education and temporarily put sports on the back burner.

Accepted into Queen’s University to study biochemistry, Reid’s main focus was to earn her degree and enter into a medical science field. But the allure of the college’s track and field team was just too great. Reid would join the team and subsequently begin her new life as one of the best Paralympians in the world.

Only three years after joining the track and field team at her college, Stefanie would compete in the World Championships. Although she didn’t place and ended up finishing to little acclaim, Reid was sure that this is what she wanted to do. She just needed to do it better. In 2008, Reid took a big leap by competing for Canada in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing.

The long jump was really the event Stefanie hoped to excel in, but she finished in a disappointing 5th place. Undeterred by the result, Reid managed to perform very well in the Women’s 200m event, ending up taking home a Bronze Medal.

This would be the start of a string of medals for Reid. After she won bronze in the Paralympics, she then won medals in the Paralympic World Cup, the Grand Prix, and other notable events. Going into the 2012 Paralympic Games, Reid has switched her allegiance and is now part of Team GB. But while she might be waving a different flag, she is still competing with the same high level of talent.

Career Highlights

  • 2008 Paralympic Games – Bronze
  • 2008 Paralympic World Cup – Bronze
  • 2010 Disability Athletics Challenge – Gold
  • 2010 London Grand Prix – Bronze
  • 2012 Paralympic Games   - Silver

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