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Katie Taylor - Boxing

Katie Taylor - Boxing

Born on June 2, 1986 in Bray, Wicklow, Ireland, Katie Taylor is an amateur boxer, a footballer, and an all-around celebrity in Ireland and in other parts of the world. She is well known for her advertisement spots as well as her crossover appeal in athletics. And there’s also the fact that female boxers are well received; the “tough girl” label always turns heads – and turning heads is what Taylor hopes to do in the Summer Olympic Games in London.

Katie is no stranger to boxing. Growing up with her father an amateur boxer, Taylor always expected to enter into the field at some point. She is extremely talented at her chosen craft and is one of the favorites to win Olympic Gold in the amateur boxing event. Most contend that the field isn’t strong enough to challenge her.

Sporting Career

In 1998, Katie Taylor began training with her father when she was only 12 years old. By the time she was 19, she was ready to compete on the world stage in the amateur ranks. Traveling to Norway in 2005 to compete in the European Amateur Championships, Taylor made quick work of her competition in the lightweight division and took home a gold medal. She also came close to placing at the World Amateur Championships that same year but lost in the quarters.

Her father and the rest of the amateur boxing world knew that Katie was more than ready to take home a world crown. Her techniques only needed to be developed; a problem that most amateur boxers have at such a young age. She proved this theory correct in 2006, as she took home gold in both the Euro Amateurs and finally the World Amateurs, becoming Ireland’s first world gold medal winner.

Katie would prove in 2007 that this success wasn’t a fluke. She won her third Euro title in a row, and in 2008, Taylor would win her second World Amateur title via the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship.
2009 would be another milestone year for Taylor. Not only did she win her 39th consecutive fight, an impressive feat that most professionals do not reach, but she also won her 60th fight, a definite mark that proves to be illusive for most. 2010 was even better for Taylor, winning her third world title in a row and earning her 100th career victory. This would also mark the second time Katie would win the Boxing Association World Female Boxer of the Year award.

Going into the 2012 Summer Olympics, Katie is the odds-on favorite to claim Olympic Gold – some predict it in a runaway fashion. Of course, nothing at the Olympic level is ever easy, but Taylor is one of the best boxers in the world, regardless of weight class, gender or status.

Career Highlights

  • 2005 Euro Amateur Championships – Gold
  • 2006 World Amateur Championships – Gold
  • 2007 Euro Amateur Championships – Gold
  • 2008 European Union Amateur Championships – Gold
  • 2008 World Amateur Championships – Gold
  • 2009 European Union Amateur Championships – Gold
  • 2010 World Amateur Championships – Gold
  • 2012 Summer Olympics – Gold

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