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Niccolo Campriani - Shooting

Niccolo Campriani - Shooting

Born on November 6, 1987 in Firenze, Italy, Niccolo Campriani is a world champion rifle shooter who will represent Italy in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. At only 24 years of age, Campriani has already accomplished a lot by shooting standards and especially by Italian shooting standards. The majority of talented competitors in the rifle-shooting field have a lot more experience than Campriani, but that hasn’t stopped him from competing in any and every major event around.

Inexperience in competition shooting and in shooting in general does play a role, however. Campriani found this out the hard way in the 2008 Beijing Games. Entering the various rifle events in Beijing, Campriani was outmatched by competitors who had been in these competitions for decades in some cases. With more experience going into 2012, Niccolo is a favorite in the rifle shooting category.

Sporting Career

Niccolo Campriani has recently become one of the best riflemen in not only Italy but around the globe. There isn’t a very large following in rifle-shooting competitions, in terms of how media covers it all, so finding exact statistics dealing with Campriani’s success is hard to do. However, his fame really started to take off in 2008 when he qualified for the Beijing Summer Games as prt of Italy’s National team. He was outmatched—outgunned, literally—but has since honed his talents.

A lot of athletes do not bounce back from a disappointing finish at the Olympic Games. In the vast majority of world sporting events, the Olympic Games presents the biggest stage that most will ever compete on. Athletes train specifically for the Games and forego other competitions that may conflict with their training and participation. So to lose so handily in the Games, some never make it back to prominence. This wasn’t the case with the 20-year-old Campriani. He immediately bounced back and proved that he was worthy of acclaim by winning gold at the European Championships in 2009.

In the World Cup in 2010, Campriani was one of Italy’s strongest competitors and certainly a man to fear in the competition. Fresh off of a European title, Niccolo would face the toughest group of rifle shooters outside of an Olympic event. Campriani wouldn’t win gold, but he did take a silver and bronze medal – a huge leap in the right direction for a very young professional.

At the European Championships in 2011, Campriani had a few off shots and ended up finishing with the bronze medal. While it’s not that great, especially considering he has done better, continuing to win any medals at all shows that he is one of the world’s best rifle shooters. In 2012, he became the first competitor to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games in rifle shooting, and thus he has became the favorite to win his events.

Career Highlights

  • 2009 European Championships – Gold
  • 2010 World Championships – Silver, Bronze
  • 2011 European Championships – Bronze
  • 2012 Summer Olympics – Gold, Silver

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