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Karnam Malleswari - Olympic Weightlifting Champion

Karnam Malleswari - Olympic Weightlifting ChampionKarnam Malleswari is an Olympic weightlifting champion, who proved herself as much better than the rest in her career and is considered to be exceptional in her talents. She had her greatest moment in the Olympic spotlight when she became the first woman to win an Olympic medal in this sport.

She managed this victory in the 2000 Olympic Games in weightlifting in the women’s 69 kilograms division. It remained a lasting memory for her in her professional career as well. Her first win was at the Sydney Olympic Games where she won the medal in the weightlifting category, it was a great moment for her as well as for all of the women in India.

While she only won the bronze medal, this proved to be a great moment for her. Perhaps better than her achievement of winning her gold medal in the World Championships held in China. It was the first time that Indian women represented and won medals in world level competitions, which was a great credit to her.

Thus this great achievement of Karnam Malleswari remained a positive moment for the whole country since she was the first medal winner in Olympics and also the first Indian women to win the victory.

She was the world champion in 1993 and 1994 in a weightlifting category of 63 kg. She won the achievement with great satisfaction and this made her a national hero. Thus she earned the title of “iron girl of Andhra Pradesh” and became the golden girl of India.

Her golden achievement paved the way to create enthusiasm for new generations and enthusiasm among women. Malleswari practiced by lifting weights of more than 240 kg but she could not capture the gold medal in the Sydney Olympics and achieved only the bronze medal. But still, it remained a positive and golden moment in her professional career since no Indian women had ever done this before.

She was born in a small village of India in 1979 and began weightlifting at the age of twelve in her village. Backed by the support of her family, namely from her mother Shyamala who vigilantly took care of her diet which is very vital for a weightlifter. Another interesting fact is that her sister, Krishna Kumari is also a national lifter and thus Malleswari was called the sport daughter of India.

Her greatest moment was when she was honored by the prime minister of India for bringing a sense of pride to her country of India. Her professional career was marked with the statement made by the country’s prime minister who said that her achievement is a unique achievement and her triumph is an acknowledgment to Indian women. To add to her victory in her performance in Sydney Olympics, cash prizes and messages praising her came from all over the world.

These cash winnings paved the way for future professionals, a motivation since they realized that if talents are achieved, the government would award the professionals. The statement made by Malleswari after winning the medal was that she was overwhelmed with happiness and there would not be another such great moment like being the first Indian women to win an Olympic medal. This statement clearly depicts that she recognized this achievement as the greatest and most positive moment in her professional career. She was coached by a Belarussian coach named Leonid Taranenkohe .

Thus with her achievement she brought fame not only to her country but also to her coach. It must also be mentioned that the Sydney Olympic Games gave women’s weight lifting professionals a great aid by recognizing their talents and by awarding them a competition at the international level.

Having come from a sporting family background, she achieved many awards. To name a few: in 1994 she won gold in a world championship at Istanbul ; in 1995 she won the Asian championship in Korea. Her professional career also included a moment where she set a remarkable world record by winning three gold medals in China in 1995.

She also had many awards in her career. One was the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 1994-1995. But in spite of all the achievements, the first appearance of her in weightlifting sports coupled with winning a bronze medal in 2000 during the Sydney Olympic Games was recognized by her as the greatest and most positive moment she had achieved in her career, the Olympics being the place where the greatest athletes from all over the world meet made it a great event in her world.

This formed a tradition and lesson for future professionals, that sporting events are not only entertaining but are a way by which one can bring pride and fame to their country and also to themselves.

Career Highlights
  • 2000 Sydney Olympic Games – Bronze
  • 1998 Asian Games – Silver

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