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Geoffrey Mutai

Geoffrey Mutai

Geoffrey Mutai is a long distance runner, and was born in Kenya on 7th October 1981. He is an athlete runner whose specialist category is long distance road running (i.e. marathons). He has run in the Eindhoven Marathon twice and both times he has won the title. He also has one of the fastest times in the Eindhoven Marathon with a best time of 2:04:55.
Other notable achievements of Geoffrey Mutai include the Monaco Marathon, which we will touch on later. He is also a talented runner of half marathons. He has had a win at the Valencia Half Marathon, as well as the RAK Half Marathon which he completed with a time of 59:30.

Possibly Mutai’s best achievement was the Monaco Marathan of 2008, when he won the gold medal for finishing in first place in a brilliant time of 2:12:40. In this race he beat Jacob Kitur who took second place.

Later that year he ran the Loopfestijn Voorthuizen race over 10 kilometres, where he set a record for completing the race in 28:05. He improved well by the time he ran the Eindhoven Marathon, where he set a new personal best time of 2:07:50. This was a record for the course and was over a minute and half faster than the closest runner behind him.

In 2009, Mutai began the year running the South Rift Valley championships race over 12 kilometres. He agreed to running in the Seoul International Marathan too, but he could not finish the race. A month later, he ran in the Daegu Marathon, but only managed 8th place. His time was 2:10:45.

A little later, he went back to join in with the Loopfestijn Voorthiuzen race once more, and finished in less than 28 minutes which was a great improvement on his previous record there. This was where he achieved his new personal best time of 27:39.

After this Mutai had another win at the Eidhoven Marathan, where he improved on his course time as well as improving on his personal best which was 2:07:01 in this race. Later in 2009, Mutai went to Valencia and competed in the Valencia Half Marathon race where he took the title from Kirui. For the distance of the Valencia race Mutai set another new personal best of 59:30. Mutai has always been a good runner for consistent improvement on his running times.

In 2010, the first major race of the year was the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon, and he won. He was up against Tola but managed to keep ahead to the end. The time in this race was 59:43. In Puerto Rico a few weeks later Mutai took third position in the World’s Best 10 kilometre race.

In April of that year Mutai competed in the Rotterdam Marathon completing one of the fastest marathons, once again improving on his best time. He later earned a place in the 2010 African Athletics Championship where he won the continental bronze medal. Finally in the Delhi Half Marathon, he won yet another race by keeping ahead of Desisa.

He began the 2012 season with a run at the Discovery Cross Country in Kenya and was runner-up to Wilson Kiprop. He returned to try to defend his title at the 2012 Boston Marathon, but dropped out in the second half of the race in hot conditions. As a result, the Kenyan selectors chose not to send him to compete in the marathon at the Olympics, in spite of his pedigree over the distance. He reorganized his race schedule and made his Canadian debut at the Ottawa 10K, winning by a margin of 45 seconds. He defended his B.A.A 10K title with a world-leading run of 27:29 minutes.

Career Highlights

  • 2011 World Cross Country Championships – 1st (team)
  • 2011 New York City Marathon – 1st
  • 2010 African Championships – 3rd

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